Building Brownsville: 21st Century Building and Development Codes for a 21st Century City

Over the years, the City of Brownsville has worked hard to maintain its character & culture while also maximizing opportunities and quality of life for its citizens. Many planning decisions have been made carefully, with close consideration of the impacts and benefits of development and recognition of long-term city policies. The City of Brownsville is beginning the process for updating Building and Planning Development Regulations. The purpose of the update is to simplify and modernize the existing Code, and to ensure that the regulations reflect the community’s vision for future development in Brownsville. This will involve updates to Brownsville’s building codes as well as its development codes, including zoning regulations, subdivision regulations and a variety of supplemental regulations into a coordinated, modern and progressive set of standards. The Brownsville City Commission has formed two Commission subcommittees to oversee the effort: one focused on building and fire codes, and the other focused on land development regulations. Together, updating these two groups of regulations will better prepare Brownsville for its next decades of growth and enhanced quality of life.

November 19, 2020 Draft Unified Development Code Document
November 19, 2020 Draft Zoning Map


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